Aviso de Borrascoso PFHA #1227
April 30, 1975 - May 16,2005

I bought Aviso in September 1976. He was my first horse and the beginning of my training career. He taught me a lot over 30 years and he will be greatly missed. Aviso won may ribbons in several regions and at Nationals. He was shown in every division except Classic Fino but his forte was the Specialty Division.

For "recreation" we jumped anything we could from park benches to picnic tables. He loved to work cattle, so much so that several times he jumped the fences to herd the neighbors cattle to the barn. The neighbor thought it was funny the first time but not very happy the other times. Luckily we weren't there very long.

Julie & Aviso Polebending at 23 years old, he came in third in Barrels and Polebending at this show. He was great at running for home but not so great stopping at the end!


Photos by Julie Blichmann copyrighted

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